Nigel Ramsay

Software Engineer from Wellington, New Zealand

EV Q&A — If I go up a hill, do I gain power when I go down?

24 May 2019

The car’s motor will slow down the car when you take you foot off the accelerator, and the byproduct is electricity which flows back into the battery. Technically termed Regenerative Braking, or Regen, this happens automatically (and silently) while you drive. It’s not something you think about.

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EV Q&A —Charging: do you need a special plug at home?

23 May 2019

Most people with electric cars (EVs) normally need to charge up the battery every 2 or 3 days. If you have a newer car with a larger battery, you might go a week without charging. If you drive longer distances in an older EV, you might need to charge daily.

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Recording our carbon footprint at home

26 April 2019

Measuring our carbon footprint is the first step in the pathway to reducing and eventually eliminating carbon emissions. Being able to visualise where the majority of our emissions come from allows us to identify the places where making a change will have the most impact.

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