Nigel Ramsay

Wellington, New Zealand

Nigel Ramsay - Wellington, New Zealand

The purpose of this blog is to share about the topics I am passionate about.

I want to share about the things that my family are doing to reduce our impact on the climate and the environment around us. I hope that some of the changes we have made will spark your interest, and you too might seek to explore possibilities around what you can do.

Англи хэлийг сурахад ашиглах цахим эх үүсвэрүүд

21 September 2023

Энэхүү цахим хуудас нь англи хэлийг сурч буй хүмүүст зориулсан хэрэгцээт эх үүсвэрийг агуулдаг амьд харилцаа бүхий хуудас юм. Мөн энэхүү цахим хуудас нь испани, Англи хэлээр нийтлэгддэг.
Танд санал болгох өөр хувилбар байвал надтай чөлөөтэй хуваалцаарай.

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My Tesla Powerwall Experience

25 March 2023

I have been asked about my experience with the Tesla Powerwall. So, here’s a post that will dive into the details of our Powerwall installation in Wellington, New Zealand, its integration with solar panels, energy management, and how it has impacted our daily life since we had it installed.

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Apps for Learning Spanish

25 February 2023

As a second-year Spanish student at Victoria University of Wellington, I understand the struggles of learning a new language. Fortunately, I have discovered some excellent Spanish learning applications that have helped me improve my language skills.

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Review of the Mitsubushi Ecodan

20 February 2022

Review of the Mitsubishi Ecodan hot water heat pump after 18 months of use in our home in Wellington. This all-in-one solution replaced an ancient Rennai Instant Hot Water and an aging gas-powered central heating boiler.

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