Nigel Ramsay

Software Engineer from Wellington, New Zealand

Camping at Easter

10 April 2020

This year, we thought we’d go camping over Easter. It’s a lovely day for it, and hopefully won’t be too cold overnight. Planning on a camping breakfast tomorrow morning.

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Exercise during the Covid-19 lockdown

03 April 2020

Here are a few pics from our exercise activities during the Covid 19 lockdown. We are very lucky to have so many biking and walking trails on our doorstep. Wellington really is a very special city.

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Motivations for self hosting

13 March 2020

I’ve recently migrated from a Medium-hosted blog to a new self-hosted blog using Jekyll. In this post, I outline my motivations for the move, and highlight some of the benefits and drawbacks.

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Installed Software

05 March 2020

I have recently started with a fresh install of MacOS. This time I'd like to avoid installing too many software packages.

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