Nigel Ramsay

Wellington, New Zealand

Nigel Ramsay - Wellington, New Zealand

The purpose of this blog is to share about the topics I am passionate about.

I want to share about the things that my family are doing to reduce our impact on the climate and the environment around us. I hope that some of the changes we have made will spark your interest, and you too might seek to explore possibilities around what you can do.

Motivations for self hosting

13 March 2020

I’ve recently migrated from a Medium-hosted blog to a new self-hosted blog using Jekyll. In this post, I outline my motivations for the move, and highlight some of the benefits and drawbacks.

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Installed Software

05 March 2020

I have recently started with a fresh install of MacOS. This time I'd like to avoid installing too many software packages.

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Driving to Whakapapa in a Nissan Leaf

18 January 2020

We are on our way to Whakapapa for a few nights. We have a 2017 Nissan Leaf with a 40 kWh battery, which is good for about 200 km of highway driving (loaded with 5 people and luggage).

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